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As a Jiffy Mart T-Bird Rewards member you can earn discounts on fuel with every purchase you make. Just use your Jiffy Mart T-Bird Rewards Rewards card or enrolled phone number every time you shop. Keep an eye out for other special deals just for our members.

Start Saving Today

Free Stuff

Get free stuff with your Jiffy Mart T-Bird Rewards card. You can earn a free coffee with the purchase of 6. You can earn free milk after the purchase of 10 gallons or half gallons. Just use your Jiffy Mart T-Bird Rewards card every time you shop and we will keep track of your purchases.

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How it Works

Every dollar you spend on food, in-store or at the pump earns points


Buy fuel at the pump or
shop in-store to earn points


10 points for every dollar spent in-store,
5 points for every gallon of fuel and
earn 2x points on Tuesdays


Save up to $1.00 off every gallon
depending on your point balance*

*500 Points = $.05 off per gallon, 1000 Points= $.10 off per gallon, 2500 Points = $.25 off per gallon, 4600 Points = $.50 off per gallon and 9000 Points = $1.00 off per gallon.